Upperroom Hall

Meeting is when professionals get together to discuss their company issues. A fruitful meeting must be supported with a supporting and contributing environment. A fine room without facilities is not a service. We will not only give you a “half service”, but a full support for your event! For more people, Upperrom is a suitable one. Spacious room will let you have more flexibility and comfortable atmosphere. 
UpperRoom Hall
31.20 x 20.25 m
UpperRoom Hall
Ceiling height
7.8 m
UpperRoom Hall
Round table
420 guests
UpperRoom Hall
500 guests
UpperRoom Hall
950 guests
UpperRoom Hall
1500 guests
Meeting Room Facilities
  • Tables & Chairs according to set up requirement
  • 2 LCD Screen & Projector 
  • FOH Speaker (8 box VUE AL-8 Speaker Line Array System, 4 box VUE AL418 Subwoofer up to 20.000 Watt output)
  • Digital Mixer Behringer X32, 32 Channel
  • 2 Wireless Microphone
  • 2 Cable Microphone
  • 2 Changing Room 
  • 1 VIP Room 
  • Lighting System with 6 Bar Parcan 64, 6 unit Fresnel 2 Kw and Controller (up to 45.000 Watt output)
Terms and Conditions
  • From 150 person and above

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