Upperroom- Facilities

VIP Lounge

Our deluxe VIP lounge is only accessible with an ID card for your maximum privacy and security. It is also fitted with showers and a toilet. An extended area of the room can be used as a dining area, accommodating a round table of 10 people. Utilize this lounge to:
  • To host your guests of honor
  • To store belongings while event runs
  • Prepare before the event
  • Be used as a waiting lounge
Upperroom - Facilities


Backstage supporting facilities are provided to ensure the convenient running of your event. Includes:
  • Two dressings rooms accommodating up to 20 people, complete with makeup stations and high quality lighting
  • 40 Lockers with personal keys
  • Full-length mirrors, toilets, sinks, and showers
Upperroom - Facilities


UpperRoom toilets are available on Level 11 and 12 and are designed to provide comfort to visitors
Upperroom - Facilities

Baby Changing Room

Do you have a new baby born? Toddlers? Don’t worry. We have baby-changing room to give you and your baby comfort when it’s time to change nappies.
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