The success of an event is the atmosphere.

When vibrant atmosphere in an event is achieved, we could say the event is a success. Why? An event is a gathering of many people from different backgrounds and preferences. Satisfy everyone’s interest in one theme is a triumph. A production is where the atmosphere comes from. Various events need production service to support its events. Our production includes everything you require.

  • Stage building and development, lighting support, lighting designs and operation
  • Sound system for rental and sound production
  • Multimedia support (live documentary, photography, video clips, video teasers,
    trailers, etc)
  • Programs Production
  • Decoration and its details
  • Support and talents for programs

Our partners are Lightworks for lighting arrangement and Soundworks for rental and sound production. Visit their website to learn furthermore about the services. Upperroom only offer you the best and working on it seriously when we talked about quality. For us, quality is non-negotiable. If we mentioned the best, therefore, we will give you, the best one.