Food & Beverages

“Because food is an experience, we want you to taste the best.”
An event will not be complete without food and beverages. For us, food and beverages is more than just a “something to eat and something to drink.”

Food and beverages involve your senses, starting from your vision, the touch when you hold them, and the most important is your tongue, when it tastes the texture and the flavor. We believe food as an experience, if you enjoy the food most, it would last as a memory.

F & B is our selling point; delicious meal with attractive appearance is our signature to serve our customer. When taste and look are combined together, the outcome is excellent dish, it will invite people to enjoy and have a great time with food. Beverages also become our attention, because the companion of palatable meal is a great beverage. We have credible and experienced chef, offering you delicate variety of menus according to your appetite. Indonesian food, Asian food, Western food, let us know your requirement and assist you to serve the best for your guests. Upperroom provides in-house catering service
“The Kasablanka” and we also have couple of trustworthy partners who provide catering service, “Bali Indah” and “Chez Ingrid”. Every year we will improve our menus to keep you surprise with the innovation from our professional chef.


Wedding is all about you. One perfect day that you dream of since a little. Everything should be perfect because it’ll become a memento in your heart until you close your eyes for eternity. You will do anything to make sure everything goes smoothly like your wish, so do we.

Beautiful venue with one stop shopping service that will help you prepare what you need for your wedding. We are not just a venue, but we are Event Solution and Consultant that will accompany you through everything in your wedding preparation.

Don’t forget to celebrate your joyful moment with savoury, luscious, and mouth watering foods by The Kasablanka Catering. We have credible and experience chef who will offering you delicate variety menus according to your appetite and we will present it beyond your expectations. Please call us, for further information