Event Solution

Bringing your event in one of the finest halls in Jakarta or even Indonesia, organized by experienced people, supported with premium vendors, what else could you ask for more?

Beside facilities, an event needs to be organized. The main interest from an event is, of course, the event itself! Making an attractive and interesting event is not as simple as it seems. In order to boost and maintain the intense atmosphere until the end of an event needs careful and detailed plan. Don’t let yourself become anxious about them. Upperoom was organized by MiceBiz. MiceBiz is a company who concern about events solution. Using MiceBiz service will make your event become more arrangeable, and run smoothly. Details are important for MiceBiz, they are able to give you suggestion, planning, guidance, up to supervision on the D-day. MiceBiz also have numerous interesting packages that you can choose, but they also are very flexible to various requests. Beside become an event solution, MiceBiz also able to maintain your building management.

There are some benefits if you use our event solution:

1.We Save Your Budget

You will be amazed at how costly an event could go when you use different vendors, you rent the venue, you use other event organizer. If you use MiceBiz, which is our functional  hall operational management and arranger & provider event, it will include everything. You will be amazed how MiceBiz saves your money, time and energy.

2.We Minimize Event Failure

Everyone plans well, yet things always happen. Often, failures in an event is caused by the lack of support in the operational service. One simple failure is definitely will cost a huge damage to the event. Most event organizer has to cooperate with different operational crews that often lead to various human errors, resulting chaos.

MiceBiz integrates every crew from creative department to operational on daily basis. This will produce and deliver better event, and minimize a failure. This integrated system enables us to create more.

3.We Have Everything

Upperroom is a venue which is managed by MiceBiz. MiceBiz is involved in arranger & provider event and functional operational management. Beside own a five stars concert hall facilities, MiceBiz also able to arrange your event.

MiceBiz is encompassed everything  that required in an event. Event Management which is includes event-planning crews, and our own ushering as well as parking crews – yes, we even consider parking as essential – we deliver parking crew to handle an event to ensure everything runs well. MiceBiz also has Operational Department that consists of banquette crews, security team, and cleaning.


Branding Activities

There is no need to suffer unnecessary headache with any printings or branding support required for your events, as UpperRoom Jakarta Event Solution will provide anything you need.

Our service includes:
  • Design
  • Copy-writing
  • Fliers printings
  • Posters
  • Backdrops
  • Merchandise
  • Goody Bags
  • etc

Key People


Tjandra Wancik
General Manager

Born in 1975, Tjandra Wancik never knew that his career track would bring him into event management field. Mr. Tjandra graduated from Deakin University as Bachelor Degree of Commerce majoring in Marketing and Human Resources Management back in 2002. After his graduation, he worked at Old Florence as General Manager Assistant.

His career grows as he was positioned as National Sales Manager in PT Indotiga Pratama. He keep on sharpening his ability in marketing field, as he became Marketing and Sales Manager at PT Laurus Advertising, then as Operational Manager at Fajar Catering. His career at Tamam Wahana started when he was doing a part-time job at the Upperroom as usher on weekend. He then got offered from Tamam Wahana to be Event Consultant in 2010 and eventually promoted as the Head of Event Consultant. As head of consultant, Mr. Tjandra’s job is to set policy about packages which offered by Tamam Wahana by making sure every staff in the event consultant team carries out their duties properly.

Although Tamam Wahana has different packages for every different event, they are flexible in following your need. Event consultant division is responsible to handle client from the proposal request until the day when the event occurs. It was an interesting moment when someone contacted Mr. Tjandra and said they got recommendation from his past client to use his help, he felt his hard work was acknowledged and ppreciated. Mr. Tjandra really loves his job because it opens many windows of opportunity to learn new things, and increases his ability to deal with various kinds of people. Working as head of event consultant is indeed a blessing for him.


Wedding is all about you. One perfect day that you dream of since a little. Everything should be perfect because it’ll become a memento in your heart until you close your eyes for eternity. You will do anything to make sure everything goes smoothly like your wish, so do we.

Beautiful venue with one stop shopping service that will help you prepare what you need for your wedding. We are not just a venue, but we are Event Solution and Consultant that will accompany you through everything in your wedding preparation.

Don’t forget to celebrate your joyful moment with savoury, luscious, and mouth watering foods by The Kasablanka Catering. We have credible and experience chef who will offering you delicate variety menus according to your appetite and we will present it beyond your expectations. Please call us, for further information




The Wedding Foyer of  Felix and  Imee at  UpperRoom Jakarta. Beautifully decorated by Orchid Decoration



Tanggal 25 – 26 Pebruari 2016 Maybank mengadakan Sales Service Summit & Awards Night di UpperRoom Jakarta, dengan motto : Bigger, Better, Stronger. Event selama 2 hari penuh ini diisi dengan berbagai acara menarik, yaitu : Opening Act, Presentasi, Service Kick Off, Awarding dan ditutup dengan penampilan group band Nidji. Venue : UpperRoom Jakarta. Sound : Soundworks Jakarta. Lighting : Lightworks Jakarta. Catering : The Kasablanka Catering.